Mayo GAA TV - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Jan 01,1970

1. I've paid my subscription for the game - can I watch it on multiple devices?

No the subscription is for one device only. But you can log in and out on that device - if you have to go out for a while, for example, or if you lose electrical power.

2. Can I go out for a while and come back and watch the remainder of the game?

Yes, you can do this during the live transmission. But only on the same device. Your subscription allows multiple log-ins on that device. 

3. Will the game be free to view afterwards?

Yes, our policy is to make all games free to view from the following morning onwards.

4. How exactly do I pay?

Click the links until you get to the payment page on PayPal. Here, you can pay by credit card (without opening a PayPal account) or use your existing PayPal account (if you have one). 

5. Can I purchase a ticket in advance?

Yes. Once the game preview is on our site, the option to buy a ticket will be available to you.

6. Can I buy a ticket on one device and transfer to another?

No. The ticket applies only to the device you purchase it on.