Club Championship - Live Streaming

  • Sep 22,2017

It's the business end of the club championship and Mayo GAA TV will be covering games throughout Septemebr & October. Tune into Mayo GAA TV each weekend to catch the latest games live on your latop or tablet. Check out for a full fixtures schedule.

COST: €4 for live viewing (see below). We recommend buying early to make sure you have everything in order. Any problems getting onto live broadcast, check out our FAQs & Troubleshooting section. In fact, we recommend you read FAQs & Troubleshooting before purchasing as it outlines in full the process and anticipates many of the issues that arise. In 99 per cent of cases, those issues are easily resolved. In the occasional cases where the streaming still doesn’t work, we provide full refunds.

CAN I WATCH LIVE, AFTERWARDS OR BOTH: Yes, you can. One ticket ensures lifetime viewing. The actual link to the game may change, but the password won’t. If you’re struggling to find the game afterwards, go to and scroll down to select the playlist for the game. However, if you didn’t buy a ticket to watch it live, and you want to watch it afterwards, you will be asked to buy a ticket. Any problems, contact us: it can take a little bit of getting used to.