Coaching Resources

In this page we aim to provide better access to key coaching resources for GAA members. Whether you are a Coach, Administrator, Referee or a Player, this content will help you to be as good as you can be and promote Gaelic Games for all.
Please feel free to also browse through our latest news including coach education dates and Cul Camp schedules.
A link to the GAA Learning and Development community portal where Education Programmes and Initiatives are shared to members.
‘GAA 15’ is an Injury Prevention Programme. This Programme is a series of short videos showing exercises that can be used to prevent injury in our players or as a standard warm up routine prior to a practice session or game.
The exercises are broken into 6 key areas, i.e. Running, Strengthening, Sport Balance, Jumps, Hamstrings & Sport Specific.

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Drills and techniques of the fundamental aspects of Gaelic Football…

Reinforcement of the fundamentals of Gaelic Football.

U10 coaching content

Refining some of the fundamentals and introducing some skills tests.

U12 coaching content